The automation applied to the publication process brings speed and reactivity to the marketing teams. Therefore it means less stress in period of wrapping up. The needs for late updates are managed in complete safety. The interface of Akeneo well known by the teams allows them to quickly approach the handling of Pim2catalog.

  • Automation of the variants, the amount of time saved is remarkable
  • Time savings and assured quality on the updates of the products information
  • Decrease of the deadlines by authorizing the late updates
  • Natural handling for the marketing, the user friendly interface of Akeneo is familiar to them
  • Time savings for the design, the layout of the flat plan is automatically created in Indesign
  • Less repetitive tasks (input, copy and paste) for the graphic designers. The time saved can be dedicated to the design of pages.
Time-to-market reduction. The anticipated time frame is expected to be 30 to 50% shorter from the second catalog onwards.